Self- Care Energy Practices for Teens

Finally, a product which targets the true source for anxiety, depression and more. You will learn life- long strategies for developing inner strength, creativity, compassion, resiliency, healthy boundaries and peace. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from anxiety chronically or occasionally this product puts the POWER back in your hands giving you the ability to navigate life in a more fulling, authentic way. 

What's Included

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    Energy Tools For Teens
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    • Why self-care for energy
    • self-care-energy-tools-power-system
    • self-care-energy-tools-in-action
    • putting-it-into-practice
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Course Details

  • Video #1

    • You will learn what does energy have to do with anxiety?
    • Why it is important to do daily practices.
    • Ways you have already been exposed.
    • How simple, easy and fun it can be.
  • Video #2

    • You will learn why symptoms of anxiety return.
    • Example of low energy.
    • How low energy shows up in the life of a teen.
    • How it can hold you back from growing and learning.
  • Video #3

    • I teach you my super easy to remember energy system.
    • Why this system works.
    • How negative energy gets absorbed.
    • A new way to foster confidence.
  • Video #4

    • You will learn four tools to apply within the system.
    • A step by step explanation for each one (audio).
    • Each tool will be modeled (visual) and written out to accommodate all learning styles.
    • Why these tools work!
  • Video #5

    • You get to see the system and tools in action!
    • I will show you how the steps and system integrate into one, so cool.
    • You get to experience the benefits right away!
    • I will share a few teen testimonials which will blow your mind!